Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Home

I went home this past weekend for Anderson's birthday party. We didn't have the boys for most of the weekend, but the time we did have them was priceless. Charlie came over on Saturday afternoon and he was in the most mischeivously adorable mood ever. He tried to feed me soapy water telling me it was Diet Coke. He gave himself away by giggling uncontrollably! He let me hold him in my arms and tickle him silly. He wanted to color, so we sat down and colore side by side. Sunday both boys came over. We went on a Gator ride down through the neighborhood and a nature hunt. Anderson wanted to run down the back hill at full force into my awaiting arms at the bottom of the hill. I gave him "piggy bank" rides around the house and tickled him silly too! It was a weekend that was fairly non-eventful, but the tiny moments and sounds of laughter from the boys have skyrocketed to some of my favorite moments with the boys in awhile. I love how much they let me love them and how preciously hilarious they are. It was a great weekend!

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