Friday, February 15, 2008

Congressional Hearings

As I studied for French on Wednesday (or rather, while I wrote down various verb conjugations), I watched part of the Clemens Congressional hearing (while not technically its name, it's what I call it). The more I watched, the more enraged I became...and this comes from somebody whose stomach has turned at the sight of Clemens for years. There were various members of the house committee who had to keep "sneaking out" to go vote as if voting in the house was their second priority. You have no clue how happy I was to find out that the House Representative from my district was not involved in this three ring circus. As always, I agree with the view of Bill Simmons (the Sports Guy from ESPN). Here is what he said in his online column from Valentine's:

"Given that we're dealing with Iraq, global warming, the subprime shakeout, the decline of the American dollar, the decline of the public-school system and every other troublesome reality in this country right now, it's hard to believe some of our most notable Congressmen didn't have a better way to spend this week than interrogating a disgraced Hall of Fame pitcher and the sad-sack Andy Dick lookalike who once trained him. I do not approve this usage of my tax dollars."

I couldn't have said it better!
You can always find the Sports Guy on or the magazine.

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