Monday, September 7, 2009

Day with the Nephews

Anderson loves riding in the gator. He can't necessarily steer it in the right direction, and he has a tendency to end up in the neighbor's yard or at the bottom of the hill in the back. When this happens, he gets out, finds an adult and then says (very sweetly), "Will you get my gator?" Finally after spending some time playing on the gator with him, he learned he needed to get permission to push the pedal instead of just driving all over the place.

My favorite part of this is his sing-songy "Push the pedal." Later he sat in my lap and watched it repeatedly. He laughed hysterically when he almost ran over me, and he yelled out, "LOVE YOU, LIBBY!" when we watched and he heard me say, "I love you, Anderson," and he blew me kisses when I asked for those too. Watching this entertained him for a good 30 minutes.

Charlie then came to join in the fun.

(Charlie, Charlie, here's your seatbelt, Buddy)

Good times were had by all. Nobody was seriously injured in the making of these videos :).

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