Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Idea

So, life has been a bit stressful with the dissertation, traveling, new move and new job. I've made a New School Year's resolution (that I adopted from an old one my friend PJ had years ago). I'm going to read for fun every night before going to bed. How much time I'm able to dedicate to it will depend on the day (and, quite honestly, on whether or not the Sox game went into extra innings or lasted longer than usual). But my new resolution is for me to remember that I love reading and that it's not always "work" -- I think we English major people forget the fun in reading too often.
But all of that to say, with this new resolution, I'll be reading more. So, I've decided that I'm going to try and write reviews for the books I'm reading for pleasure. They won't be the type of review I'd publish in a journal but the kind of review that would be beneficial to you -- my readers and other pleasure readers. Those that are good, I'll let you know. I'll also let you know which ones to avoid...and why. People often ask me for a good book they can read, and I'll give some here and there. But this is a way to give it to lots of people at once. I'm not transforming the blog to that solely. I'll still include my random baseball thoughts and Sox praise as well as the random stories of my life (that is why I started this blog, right?).
Let me know what you think.
Look for a review of Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl soon. I finished it last night.


Chuck said...

I like the idea! Looking forward to it!

Joe Magennis said...

d libbycrews Hi fellow Sox fan in Atl! I've picked up on something in yr tweets. Baseball & literature Would love to explore opps (podcast?) Can we chat?

Hi Libby .. tried to DM but not following so thought I'd post comment. Would you be interested in chatting about a way to bring quality baseball literature to a wider audience? I noticed once you mentioned developing a Baseball Lit class to teach - Love it!

I'm trying to develop a site that it dedicated to the "poetry of the game" whether it's published authors or fans with stories to tell.

I would be very interested in your thoughts. I'm @baseballisms on twitter or joe@baseballisms.com.

Look forward to hearing from you!