Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hey everyone. I've got several blogs in the works that I'll be posting soon. Also, I'm going to bring some of my favorite blogs from myspace on over. That way it looks like I've been on blogspot much longer than 10 minutes.

Crewsism: It's a term I came up with while doing graduate work at Mississippi College. It basically describes a moment or experience that is typical of things that happen to me. They are often hilarious and/or bizarre. They are always things that would only happen to me. I decided to name the blog this because I found it fitting. I may be changing the name as we go, but we'll stick with this for now.

As the page says, this will be a place where I post funny stories that occur in the day to day activities of my fairly sedentary life. I'll include stories about teaching, writing, thinking. There will be times when I will post more philosophical pieces. As always, please feel free to share in the comments section. Other things to know about me are: I'm an avid Red Sox fan and hard core lover of all things Mississippi. My family and friends are the most amazing people in the world. I have an intense faith in God and a desire to grow closer to Him each day. He carries me more than I realize, and I love that. I hope you enjoy your time here. I'm sure I'll enjoy sharing my Crewsisms.


Christy said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I think your title is cute-it fits.

Thank you for the comment about the kids, I am a little to proud of them LOL.

jUnEbUg said...

Hooray!! I am a fan of Crewisms, if only through the connection made by our mutual friend. It should be fun to get them first hand!!