Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Songs for JD: Day 1

Today is Jonathan’s birthday. I’ve decided that between now and the 15th, I’m going to do daily posts. Each day the post will be a song that reminds me of Jonathan. The songs will vary in genre and time. Some of them will be Jonathan’s favorites, some will be songs that have to do with Jonathan memories, and others will be songs that make me think of him now. I'm going to try to also include a Bible verse that correlates with the song or with the reasons why the song reminds me of JD. The Bible verse part will have to start with day 2 because I'm at a loss for one that will go with this song. If you can think of one...feel free to add it.
As for the songs, I’m going to start with one of Jonathan’s all-time favorite songs: “Desperately Wanting” by Better Than Ezra.

"Desperately Wanting"
Past the road to your house
That you never called home
Where they turned out your lights
Though they say you'll never know
I remember running through the wet grass
And failing a step behind
Bothof us never tiring
Desperately wanting
When they pumped out your guts
And filled you full of those pills
You were never quite right
Deserving all the chills
They say the worst is over
Kicked it over and ran
Then they ask what went wrong
When they turn you on again
They turn you on again.
Kick them right in the face
Make them wish they weren't born
And if they bring up your name
Well they'll say you won the war.
Baby burst in the world
Never given a chance
Then they ask what went wrong
When you never had it right
Oh the letters have dropped off
Though they say you got them all
I finally figured out some things you'll never know.
Take back your life and let me inside
We'll find the door if you care to anymore.
I remember running through the wet grass
and falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately Wanting.

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